Paul Neidermire

General Manager, Galen Center

213-740-1381 [email protected]

Ryan Plunkett 

Assistant Manager, Galen Center

213-740-0849 [email protected]

Galen Center

213-740-0626 [email protected]

Brendan Loftus

Business Manager

213-740-6333 [email protected]

Tre Limbrick

Equipment Manager

213-740-0927 [email protected]

Rose Andrade

Galen Center Ticket Office

213-821-4457 [email protected]

Lt. Mark Cervenak

USC DPS – Special Events

213-821-1089 [email protected]

Guadalupe Torres Soria

DPS Officer

213-740-5350 [email protected] 


Department of Public Safety


Lost & Found

Department of Public Safety


Wesley Mitchell

Galen Center Bookstore

213-740-9028 [email protected]

Paul Chapman

Aramark General Manager

213-740-1453 [email protected]

Crystal Blake

Aramark Catering Manager

213-740-1451 [email protected]

Jason Lumsden

Aramark Executive Chef

213-740-1430 [email protected]

George Rios

Aramark Facility Manager

213-740-5118[email protected]

Mayra Gil-Martinez

Aramark Facility Supervisor

213-740-1245 [email protected]

Lidia Perez

Aramark Admin. Assistant

213-740-1304 [email protected]

Kristy LaRochelle

Aramark Sales Manager

213-740-1464 [email protected]