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May 12 , 2018 /

USC Keck M.D./Ph.D., M.D. Graduation


All guests will be required to enter through metal detectors, please arrive early and expect some delays.

Guests are not allowed to bring backpacks, balloons, weapons, banners, horns or other noise makers, food or drinks inside the Galen Center. Strollers and tripods must be left in the reserved lobby spaces and are not permitted in the seating area.
Per Galen Center seating policies, guests are not allowed to save seats for large parties. One (1) seat may be saved on either side of a seat. Please make sure your entire party arrives and enters the Galen Center together.
During the ceremony, standing in the aisles and obstructing views is prohibited.
Parking will be free all day at all campus locations. We recommend that you park in Structure D.


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