Accessibility Information

Companion Seating

All companion seats are reserved for the companions of guests in wheelchairs. Any unsold seat in these areas will be released two weeks prior to event date unless ticket sales dictate otherwise.

Disabled Seating

Disabled seating is located on the upper concourse. These seats are the most easily accessible, and the easiest to evacuate in case of an emergency. For seated floor events, there may be some designated seats for disabled guests. In the case of an emergency, those on the floor will be evacuated to south lobby and out the south entry doors. Please see our Seating page for seating charts. For any inquiries regarding disabled seating, please call or email Rose Andrade at (213) 821-4457.

Drop-Off Zone

There is a drop-off zone located in front of the south entrance of the Galen Center on Figueroa Street or just outside the Ticket Office on Jefferson Street. Parking is not permitted in these areas - it is for drop-off only.


The elevators are located on the northwest and northeast corners of the Galen Center. These elevators are for use by our guests with disabilities, their companions, and credentialed guests accessing the Suites on the east side of the Galen Center.


Trained staff and security will ensure the security and safety of all guests, performers, and employees. In the case of an emergency, guests must comply with requests from venue staff regarding arena operations and emergency response procedures. Please be sure to ask for assistance when it is needed.

Motorized Scooters

Motorized scooters are permitted into the Galen Center, but must be able to fit into a 30" x 36" area.


The designated parking for events at Galen Center is in Figueroa St. Structure, McCarthy Way Structure, Royal St. Structure and Exposition St. Structure. Disabled guests need a disabled placard to park in those spots, and are still required to pay parking fees.


Purchasing Tickets

Tickets in wheelchair accessible seating areas can be purchased through the Galen Center ticket office. Please contact the Galen Center ticket office with any questions, 213-740-4672.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the Galen Center and will rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than the aisle.

Ticket Exchanges

The Galen Center will exchange tickets, if available, in order to accommodate guests with disabilities. Please contact the Galen Center ticket office for more information, 213-740-4672.